Domaine Salisquet, a family story

For as long as anyone can remember, he Chassenard family has had their feet firmly planted in this land that they have always loved. A land which is both mild and strong, made for wine, and which for many years has produced the best of fruit and vegetables...

Wine is the family story, and even though the attack of phylloxera beat many winegrowers, it made our ancesters bounce back towards the new grafted plants which were able to combat this infamous louse. At first to make wine just for ourselves, and then to want to help others discover this wine which, before the crisis, made up part of the Bordeaux area, but which then had to struggle to make its own name « Buzet ».
In 1953, it was René who took a considered step onto new ground together with a few other hopeful winegrowers, to create the Buzet Cooperative (la Cave Coopérative de Buzet ). And his son Jean-Claude, deeply rooted in his vines, carried on the family tradition, even serving on the Surveillance Council and as President of the Directory of the Cooperative for 18 years..

But now, with his wife and daughters, he has decided to return to his roots by making his wine where his ancestors did, on the property:

« Together, we are beginning a new story, looking differently at vines and wine. Preserving the soul of the vine so dear to our ancestors, we are releasing 10 hectares of the property and converting them to organic agriculture, still within the AOC Buzet. The family still supplies the Cooperative with the remaining 46 hectares.  »

A challenge stemming from the desire to produce wines from our vines on our land. This will take a little time, at least for the conversion to organic agriculture which is going to develop the potential and strength of each parcel, and give to each of our wines their specific character.